Crawl Space Inspection in Lexington Kentucky

crawl space inspection in Lexington KentuckyIt is a good idea to have a crawl space inspection in Lexington Kentucky. Most problems with moisture in a home occur in the crawl space. In fact, the crawl space is one area of the home that is often problematic for many reasons.

Crawl Spaces are Dangerous

It is important that you don’t go into your crawl space unprotected. Besides the usual spiders, snakes and bees, you also might find asbestos, chemicals, hantavirus, mold and electrical shock hazards. If you have a problem with moisture or need to have a crawl space inspection in Lexington Kentucky, is best done by a professional home inspector.

The Hidden Crawl Space Problems

Because crawl spaces are seldom entered, they are often the reservoir for hidden structural damage, wood rot, water or moisture, contaminants and other problems. Termites are often noticed in the crawl space where they thrive in the dark, damp conditions. Fiberglass insulation that runs from the crawl space up into the building framing or flooring can be a threat with wood destroying insects.

Moisture Problems

Moisture and water cause problems in the crawlspace. They can encourage bad strains of mold which like the dark damp area and they can cause foundation problems and wood rot on your beams and joists.

Most problems with moisture and water in the basement or crawlspace results form poor grading and no gutters. Water should be transported away from the house. Vapor barrier should also be in place to prevent water. Cracks in the foundation may also contribute to the problem.

Crawl Space Inspection in Lexington Kentucky

Before you consider what to do with your crawl space, it is important to understand the extent of the problems. If there is visible mold, which grows on the wood surfaces and also fiberglass, it is important to remove all damaged materials. Replacing rotting wood is important too. Besides repairing damage, the cause of the problem must be addressed as well. Venting your crawl space can be a help or a hindrance in some cases. If you need some advice on repairing damage and removing water and moisture from your crawl space, call for a crawl space inspection in Lexington Kentucky at Hope’s Home Inspection.