Top 25 Things To Do In Lexington Kentucky

Hope’s Home Inspection would like to welcome you to Lexington with this list of the top 25 things to do in Lexington Kentucky. Hope you enjoy Lexington to the fullest! Top 25 Things To Do In Lexington Kentucky Kentucky Horse Park – A trip to the Kentucky Horse Farm is a must when you visit The […]

Crawl Space Inspection in Lexington Kentucky

It is a good idea to have a crawl space inspection in Lexington Kentucky. Most problems with moisture in a home occur in the crawl space. In fact, the crawl space is one area of the home that is often problematic for many reasons. Crawl Spaces are Dangerous It is important that you don’t go […]

Your Lexington Home Inspection Checklist

A Lexington Home Inspection gives the Realtor and potential buyer an idea of the condition of the structures, components and systems of the home being inspected.  A home inspector does not claim to detail every flaw or problem with a house.  The home inspection is done systematically and in an organized fashion so that every […]

Home Inspection for Mold in Georgetown KY

Home inspection for mold in Georgetown KY is important to you and your family. How mold effects your family can be different for each individual, mold can cause mild irritation or toxicity. If you suspect mold is causing a problem, you will benefit from a mold inspection. What Is Indoor Mold Mold is everywhere outside. […]