Ask Your Home Inspector, “Do I have enough insulation?”

In the Central Kentucky area, our temperatures vary from too cold in the winter to too hot in the summer. Many people often wonder if they have enough insulation in their home. A home inspector often gets asked, “Do I have enough insulation or should I add more insulation?” Why Insulation is Important Most people […]

Things An Unqualified Home Inspector Typically Misses During An Inspection

There are things an unqualified home inspector typically misses during an inspection. You would be surprised how many stories there are of home inspectors who didn’t do a thorough job and cost the buyers tons of money. Here are a few ideas to make sure your home inspector does the best job possible and that […]

Get a Home Inspection This Winter

You will need to get a home inspection this winter if you are purchasing a new home. Hope’s Home Inspections operates year round. It’s true there are some limitations to having your home inspected in winter but there are also ways around the limitations so that you can protect yourself. Thorough Inspections In Winter You […]

Home Inspection Checklist

This home inspection checklist is a guide to the type of inspection and what you can expect your home inspection to consist of. Home inspections give you an indication of the condition of the home at the time of inspection. Home inspections are not designed to detect every flaw or problem with the home but […]

Air Sampling For Mold Inspections in Lexington KY

Mold inspections in Lexington KY normally include air samples. Air sampling is just one tool in the toolbox when your house is being inspected for mold problems. Mold multiplies through air-born spores that are invisible to the naked eye. Air samples can help determine the types of mold present and the scope of severity. They […]

Crawl Space Inspection in Lexington Kentucky

It is a good idea to have a crawl space inspection in Lexington Kentucky. Most problems with moisture in a home occur in the crawl space. In fact, the crawl space is one area of the home that is often problematic for many reasons. Crawl Spaces are Dangerous It is important that you don’t go […]