Things An Unqualified Home Inspector Typically Misses During An Inspection

things an unqualified home inspector typically misses during an inspectionThere are things an unqualified home inspector typically misses during an inspection. You would be surprised how many stories there are of home inspectors who didn’t do a thorough job and cost the buyers tons of money. Here are a few ideas to make sure your home inspector does the best job possible and that you don’t fall victim to misconceptions.

Home Inspectors Can’t Predict the Future

Many people get excited about the house they are buying and don’t take some of the warnings the home inspector gives. If the home inspector tells you a major appliance usually lasts 10 years and yours is 9 ½ years old, you may want to assume the life of your appliance is growing dim. The Home Inspector can’t tell you when it will break, but good chance, it’s soon. If your home inspector reveals you have some rusty pipes or water valves, take note. This could end up costing you more money in repairs later on.

Choose A Good Inspector

There are things unqualified home inspectors typically miss during an inspection. Things like roof problems, problems covered up cosmetically, faulty appliances and peeling paint especially on the outside trim. Please remember, the home inspector is the only professional in the process that gets paid whether the house closes or not. Pick an inspector, not because they are cheap and not because the realtor refers them.   You want to pick a home inspector who is experienced and has been doing home inspections for a while. Pick a home inspector who is affiliated with national or international associations, like InterNachi and is bound to a code of ethics for home inspectors.

Tag Along With Your Home Inspector

You will learn the most about your house and it’s condition if you tag along with the home inspector. He can help identify areas you may want to take a closer look at. One example is having a HVAC company check out the heating and air if weather prohibits testing either the heating or air conditioning. You can also ask questions and get involved with the inspection if you’re present.

Don’t Assume if New Construction Passed Codes You Can Skip the Inspection

Even new construction needs to be inspected. Your new building may be built to code but if there were errors in the construction or something your builder missed, the home inspector can sometimes find the problem.  Unqualified home inspectors normally don’t have the experience or knowledge to inspect a new construction.  Problems with new construction often aren’t apparent to an inexperienced inspector.

Things An Unqualified Home Inspector Typically Misses During An Inspection

Unqualified home inspectors can miss important items during a home inspection. They may overlook something or just not know what they are looking for or at. Picking a home inspector who is qualified will save you from making a home buying mistake or not having repairs done before you purchase. If you’re looking for a qualified, experienced home inspector, Call Hope’s Home Inspection.